About Stricker Engineering

Functionality, Attractiveness, Safety; a properly engineered structure is one that has enduring usefulness and harmonious integration into its surroundings.

Stricker Engineering knows how to work with builders, developers and homeowners to achieve their goals for the most efficient use and presentation of their buildings, whether new or remodel.

Stricker Engineering will define the performance standards for construction to achieve functionality in commercial, manufacturing and residential buildings; buildings that serve your needs today and which will remain an asset for future generations.

At Stricker Engineering we have the knowledge that comes from over 25 years of hands-on construction experience. We are able to design solutions that are sound, economical and efficient.

Stricker Engineering is licensed in Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona to support your builder in making your next project a success.

About Andy Stricker

Andy has been a registered Civil & Structural Engineer since 1978. He started Stricker Engineering, LLC in 1983. Andy’s consulting practice allowed him to participate in a wide range of civil & structural engineering and building design projects. This includes building designs from small residential projects to large industrial and commercial projects. The scope of work includes all types of projects, from conceptualizing the design to project and construction management. Andy has been the engineer for numerous seismic retrofit projects, and new buildings in the critical seismic and wind zones of California and Oregon. Andy has also designed various types of construction equipment, including overhead and gantry cranes, high rise building window washing systems, pipe x-ray handling devices and other materials handling equipment.

About John Doyle

John started in construction because of a love for building things.  He understands that the form or structure of the building is to advance and sustain its function.   He first served an apprenticeship in the carpenters union. When he became a Journeyman carpenter he started his own business as a general contractor. For 20 years John built high end custom homes, as well as commercial and residential projects.

In 2010 he was at his daughter’s graduation at Oregon State University, they were announcing the candidates for a Master’s in Engineering and a light bulb went off that changed his career path. That fall he was enrolled in college. Five years later, at 52, he graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering.

John went to work at Stricker Engineering in December of 2015 immediately after graduation. After working with Andy for a year, John acquired Stricker Engineering, LLC on January 1st, 2017.